Tochifusa Kabushiki Kaisha (hereinafter referred to as "our company") manages and operates as a business operator handling personal information, complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, guidelines of each ministry and other related laws and regulations, and adheres to the following policy. and protects your personal information.

Management of personal information

In order to establish a system to properly protect and manage customer personal information and to make it accurate, we will establish and comply with internal regulations regarding the proper acquisition, use and provision of personal information.
In addition, in order to prevent unauthorized access to customer personal information, we will do everything possible, and even when outsourcing the handling of personal information, we will ask the subcontractor to prevent personal information leakage, etc. We are instructing and supervising to pay strict attention to management to prevent it.

Acquisition of personal information

Your personal information, such as your name, gender, age, postal code, address, occupation, telephone number, mobile phone number, and email address, to the extent necessary for the legitimate execution of business activities and provision of services will be properly obtained.
Personal information entered from a customer's computer terminal is sent to the server using a registration form encrypted with SSL, and other measures are taken to ensure the safety of data communication.

Use of personal information

We will use your personal information for the following purposes, except for those stipulated by various laws and regulations.

・Provision of various products and services and their after-sales service

・Contacting customers or responding to inquiries

・Provision of product and service information or privilege services by telephone, e-mail, or mail

・Marketing research related to product planning and product development

・Creation of statistical data in a state where individuals cannot be identified

・To achieve other purposes of collection that are individually indicated to customers

・Provision of personal information to third parties such as product manufacturers, product distributors, and other third parties who have a sales consignment contract relationship with the Company and third parties who are outsourced to sales when using the Company's sales services

Provision of personal information

We will not disclose or provide personal information without the consent of the customer, except when disclosure is required by law or by public institutions, or when disclosure is permitted by law. However, in the following cases, personal information may be presented or provided to a third party without the customer's individual consent.

・Deposit personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use clearly indicated to the customer with cooperating companies, affiliated companies, product sales (manufacturers), and outsourcing companies with which we have concluded confidentiality agreements regarding personal information  

Disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information

If the customer himself/herself requests disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use, suspension of provision to a third party, etc. of personal information, we will promptly respond after confirming the identity of the customer. .
However, if you request correction, deletion, suspension of use, suspension of provision to third parties, etc., we may not be able to continue our services and information provision.
In addition, please make a request by mail or e-mail in writing to the following "contact for inquiries and complaints".


Our company may change the personal information protection policy without prior notice in response to changes in social conditions, technological progress, revision of various laws and guidelines, etc. Contact for inquiries and complaints.

Contact Us

If you have any inquiries regarding our handling of personal information or questions regarding the above, please contact us at the following contact information. Email: info@tochifusa

Tochifusa Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Yosuke Tanji
1562 Otaki, Chichibu City, Saitama

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