Tochimoto Hometown Project

About two and a half hours from Tokyo.

“Tochimoto” is a village surrounded by mountains in Okuchichibu, Saitama.

Since ancient times, it has been described with beautiful words, such as "village in the sky" and "village in the heavens".

As the name suggests, the houses are built close to each other on a slope at an altitude of about 750m.

In 2015, we started the Tochimoto Furusato Project after falling in love with this land with the unspoiled countryside scenery.

We have been involved in various projects such as cultivating fields, making wine, and creating a place for locals to relax.

The long-awaited wine making project…

After meeting a lot of people and a lot of trial and error, it finally took shape!

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We are also working on various other projects.

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We have prepared a variety of activities to convey the charm of Tochimoto to those who have stayed overnight, as well as those who visiting on a day trip.

Tochimoto Lodge "Sky"

Traditional western-style house for rent

Japanese house refurbished with a western style.
In 2021, the renovated house was named "Sky" and opened as an inn.


Stay like you lived here.

Access to "Sky"

1567 Otaki, Chichibu City, Saitama

Things to do in Tochimoto

Hometown Experience

Grape harvesting, soba making and mushroom harvesting.
You can also enjoy activities such as "river climbing".

Public Bath

Coming soon!

Cafe & Restaurant

We offer food and snacks that incorporate local Chichibu ingredients and seasonal vegetables.


We sell local products and tea harvested in Tochimoto.


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Tochifusa Members

At Tochifusa, we are looking for members to join us in making our hometown.

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