Tochimoto Hometown Project is...

Tochimoto is a village surrounded by the mountains of Okuchichibu in Saitama Prefecture. We want visitors to play, learn, and enjoy the rich blessings of nature. Our team was established in 2015.

​Wouldn't it be nice if there was a "hometown of the heart" where people with or without a hometown could come into contact with the idyllic scenery of Japan and meet the gentle smiles of their grandparents? Would you like to laugh and sweat together to create a "hometown heart"?

Main activity calendar for each season

Spring (春)

Tea Picking

Grape planting/culstivation

Ryōmen Shrine Festival / Fudo Falls Festival

Summer (夏)

River climbing / Mountain climbing / Camping

Tending to the vinyard

"Bon" Festival fire

Autumn (秋)

Grape harvest

Buckwheat planting & harvesting / Soba making experience

Mushroom foraging

Ryōmen Shrine Festival

Winter (冬)

Wine party

Wild game cooking

Hinoki (cypress) cutting